LifeHouse Promise

Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible home inspection experience. Our priority is to provide you with a thorough understanding of the current condition of the home and clearly communicate this information to you. We work hard to deliver the most informative, easy-to-understand, and objective report we can. We will partner with you throughout the process.

Proudly serving the Myrtle Beach, SC area, including Horry and Georgetown Counties.

customer service

Our customer service team takes great pride in offering incredible support. We know what it’s like to wait on hold or have someone NOT actively listen. While we do maintain normal business hours, please don’t hesitate to phone, text, or email us at any time! We will respond as soon as possible.




We ensure that your property is thoroughly inspected and offer services that use the most cutting-edge tools and technology, such as whole-house infrared thermal imaging scans.


We are always honest and objective; operating ethically, with integrity and transparency. Anyone present for the home inspection will be treated with the utmost respect by our skilled and experienced inspectors. We are also extremely thorough but will make sure the inspection process moves along as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. 


Our goal at LifeHouse Home Inspections is to deliver the best possible home inspection experience to our customers. Our online scheduler is available 24/7, making the scheduling of your inspection incredibly easy. Our highly in-depth inspections go well beyond the minimum standards of practice for the inspection industry. Our inspectors will examine your home as if it were their very own, and will deliver to you a straightforward and easy-to-understand report by the very next day. We are determined to provide you with unmatched service, exceptional value, and peace of mind.

Our Services


A visual examination of the principal systems, structures, and components of the home that are visually and safely accessible. Industry and state-specific standards of practice are followed to document any functional and/or safety-related deficiencies observed.

new construction inspection

Newly constructed homes need an objective third-party to inspect. The city or county inspectors often don’t catch everything, but we’ve been trained to have a keen eye for anything that could compromise a new home’s lifetime or safety.

11th Month warranty inspection

Just because a home is new doesn’t necessarily mean it is defect-free. At the 11-month mark, the home has lived through all 4 seasons and “full loads” have been put on the systems. It is the perfect time to “take another look” before your 1-year Builder’s Warranty expires!

annual home maintenance inspection

Ensure responsible homeownership. Identify issues, plan upkeep, and maintain your home’s condition. Let us help you stay on top of your investment with this inspection.

thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Technology is used to scan interior home surfaces in order to detect concealed issues like leaks (e.g., plumbing, ducts, roof), overloaded electrical circuits or systems, unwanted or unexpected moisture intrusion, temperature anomalies, or missing insulation.


Many homeowners choose to get a pre-listing inspection to give them insight into their home’s condition and possibly make repairs prior to listing their home.